Basic introduction to using Geofoobar.

How to get GPS data into Geofoobar? You may already use GPS tracker or mobile app to record your trips. Here is couple of examples how to export the data and use it in Geofoobar to create customised animated maps.

From Garmin

Do you have Garmin watch and use it to track your progress in running, cycling, swimming or hiking? Download the data from Garmin connect web app and use it to create animated videos.

From Strava

Do you keep your runs recorded in Strava? You can easily download GPS data from any of your runs and create animated map.

From Google maps

If you are still in planning stage of your trip or you have not recorded it, you can use Google maps to create the trips and then use it in Geofoobar to create animated video.

From Mapy.cz

Mapy.cz as many other free GPS tracker mobile apps have the option to record your trips and export them into GPX format.