Create animated maps for your videos

Animated maps will make your videos live as no image can

Your travel or documentary videos and films are full of action. Don’t break the flow of the story with static maps. Instead use animation to keep your narrative interesting.

NY to LA map animation
geofoobar app screenshot

It couldn't be easier

All is done in your browser. Just upload the GPS data or import lines from Google maps. Then render and download the finished animation.

If you don’t have your GPS data at hand, download one of the examples.

Customise the animation

Length, resolution and frame rate can be adjusted to match your video content. The background map can be fully visible, semitransparent or hidden. After you are happy with the settings, hit the button and the app will render PNG files (video frames) and zip them for you to download. The frames are sequentially numbered and will show in your video editing software as a single clip. You can also export the animation to GIF for quick social media post.

GPX and KML formats

Importing tracks

Geofoobar can import GPX and KML files. So you can import for example:

  • Garmin GPX
  • Google maps KML
  • Strava GPX export
  • AllTrails GPX export
  • GPX export
  • QGIS KML export


If your data comes from device using different GPS data format please let us know. We will be happy to add support for new devices.

Demo films and videos


Geofoobar is free to use for personal or commercial use. Just give Geofoobar a credit in your final videos and link back to this site in description whenever possible.

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